It’s teacher appreciation week around our house and we have lots of fun things planned for our teachers. One of my favorites is this very simple fresh herb gift. I LOVE how simple and cute this turned out! Teachers love things that are usable and fun and this meets both of those requirements!

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All you need to make this quick and easy teacher gift is a brown paper lunch bag, some small decorative clothespins (I found mine at Michaels), a fresh potted herb (I found organic ones at Wegmans) and a gift tag. Here is the link if you want to print out the gift tags I used. Just print on card stock and cut them out. I used the gift tags on the second page and a 3 inch round punch to cut mine out. 


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Youre a sup herb teacher photo

First, you will fold down the paper bag about half way by 1 inch increments. This does not need to be exact. Since not all potted herbs are in the same size container, just fold the bag down until you are covering the small plastic pot the herb is in. I had to fold mine down about half way.


My fresh herb came in a plastic sleeve so I just rolled it down around the base in order to keep the instructions in there. Next, place your herb into the paper bag.


Lastly attach the gift tag with a fun clothespin and that’s it! Aren’t they just so cute???!!!


I hope you love these as much as I do!

IMG_3359 2

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  1. Linda Smith says:
    These are adorable, Pascale!! Super easy and such a great gift!


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