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I’m not quite sure how we got to the middle of March already since it seems like it was just February about a minute ago. One of my favorite things about March is St. Patrick’s Day. Our family isn’t Irish but we love to celebrate this holiday with the best of them! Actually, we celebrate every single holiday we can think of! We are just THAT family.

I have my favorite St. Paddy’s day treats, food, drinks, and crafts that we do every year. For breakfast we make green shamrock pancakes and green milk. We make rainbow fruit kabobs and for dinner, I make Reuben sandwiches and homemade coleslaw. My hubby doesn’t like cooked cabbage so when we started dating I came up with this non-traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage so that we could celebrate the day in style! It is so good that we look forward to it all month long. I’ll post the recipe for this very soon, I promise!

We’d love to hear about your St. Patrick’s Day family traditions too.

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This year, we decided to make a fun treat for our school friends to celebrate the holiday. While searching Pinterest for ideas, I found this great St. Paddy’s Day Lucky Penny craft on the See Vanessa Craft blog.  She includes detailed instructions and a free printable too! Thanks Vanessa for sharing this wonderful craft idea with us!

I simply downloaded her free St. Patrick’s Day Lucky printable, printed on cardstock and then cut out using scissors.  It looks best to use shiny pennies for this craft so we conducted our very own science experiment! We collected all the pennies that we could find around the house and in the bottom of my purse. Then we mixed vinegar and salt together and cleaned our pennies to bring back their shine. The kids loved this part of the craft the most. Have you ever tried this? The old pennies are covered in copper oxide which will dissolve in the vinegar and salt mixture.

Here’s what you need:

Lots of pennies

White vinegar


Tupperware container

Paper towels

Here’s how you do it:

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Mix together 1/4 cup of vinegar and stir in 1 teaspoon of salt. Make sure you are using a plastic tupperware container for this. Drop 5 – 6 pennies into the mixture and gently shake the bowl for 10 – 15 seconds. Rinse pennies with tap water, set on paper towels and pat dry. Most of your pennies will shine like new. Those that don’t can be set aside.

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Check out how shiny our pennies got using this nifty trick! We used our shiniest pennies for this craft.

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We attached shiny pennies to the center of each shamrock using hot glue. I tried letting my oldest use the glue gun and she barely burned the tip of her finger on a bit of the glue. I felt bad because I know how much this hurts. I’m sure this won’t be her last injury since she is quite the crafter like her mommy.


The kids are very excited to give these lucky pennies out to their friends this week!

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