Today I wanted to share with you a fun and simple wine cork craft that I put together. These cork wine charms are just so cute! Now most of you probably have wine corks laying around the house and if you’re anything like me, you save them all for crafts.  Over the years I’ve made all sorts of wine cork crafts including ornaments, pumpkins, monogram letters, coasters, cork boards… You get the idea! This is my latest creation and I wanted to share it with all of you!


The best thing about this craft is that you can customize these wine charms with any kind of a scrapbook paper that you already have on hand or for a theme or holiday. For today’s project I created a couple different versions and they turned out great. You will need a few supplies in order to make these.


wine corks

sharp kitchen knife

0.5 inch jewelry eye pins (I found these at A.C. Moore)

jewelry hoop with loop (20 mm) – I found this to be the smallest size available at the craft store but any size will work

needle nose pliers

gloss mod podge

small craft paintbrush

cutting board

1/2 inch craft punch

thick scrapbook paper (you will need four different patterns/items for four wine charms)


Here is a close-up of the eye pins you will need. If you are unable to find the correct length, just purchase longer ones and cut them down to the correct size using wire cutters. You just need them to fit inside the cork without sticking out the bottom.



Here is a close up of the jewelry hoop with loop. Again, you may not find this exact size but it doesn’t really matter because these simply fit around the stem of the wine glasses. Get something as close to this as possible.



To get started, you need to look through your wine corks and find some that don’t look extremely dried out. These will make the best wine charms for this project. Also, make sure you use real corks and not the plastic or rubber ones. Using your sharp kitchen knife, slice off the very end of the wine cork and discard. Next, cut four even slices of the wine cork. These will make four wine charms. I have found that I can get 4 circles out of one wine cork and so you will use one wine cork for a set of four wine charms.



Now that you have your cork circles, you will want to put a good coating of mod podge right on top of the cork circles. Once these are dry, you will want to quickly put a light coat of mod podge around the edge of the cork (the sides). Let these dry completely and then flip them over.



Next, take your 1/2 inch craft punch and punch out circles from your scrapbook paper .  Make sure you have four different patterns or items.



Next, put mod podge on the unfinished side of the cork circles.  Then put mod podge on the back of the paper circle and press firmly onto the cork circle. Make sure to press the edges firmly down. Then coat the entire top of the circle with additional mod podge. At this point you will probably be concerned that everything is coated in white glue. But, do not be disheartened. The mod podge will dry clear and give it a glossy finish.  Repeat until all four circles are done.



Once these have dried you’ll be ready to assemble the hardware. I have found that it is much easier to insert the eye pins using needle nose pliers but I have also done it by hand.



Firmly grip the top of the eye pin and push it into the wine cork at the top. Make sure that you have pressed it all the way down and that the only part that is sticking out of the wine cork is the little metal circle. Repeat this for each cork circle.



Now you will want to work with your jewelry hoops. You will need to bend the very end of the hoop with your needle nose pliers so that you create a way to hook it into the loop. You basically want to grip the very tip, possibly 1/8 ” or less, hold it firmly with the needle nose pliers. Bend the wire back toward you in a swift motion to create a very small 90° bend in the wire.  Now you will have a way to securely close your hoops around your wine glasses. It’s a bit hard to see the detail in the picture but if you look closely, you can see the bent wire right in front of the loop. This will be pushed up into the loop to secure it around the wine glasses.



Once you have finished all four of these, you can hook your cork circles onto each one of the hoops and they are ready for use. Voila, you now have beautiful wine charms for your wine glasses!



I really love how these turned out! Check out my polka dot wine charms that are great any time! These look really cute on my wine glasses. You can also turn these into adorable gifts by tying them onto a small piece of paper with a piece of raffia.



Here are the ones I made for Christmas gifts! So, super cute!