I love this time of year but it can be so hard to eat healthy while surrounded by all the sweet stuff! And don’t get me wrong… can definitely indulge in the sweet treats sometimes! I definitely do. But, it’s all about keeping a healthy balance.

Over the years, I’ve tried different and creative ways to make healthy Halloween snacks fun. I’ve found that the more visually appetizing (and fun-looking) the food looks, the more likely your kids will be to gobble it up. My favorite trick is to use mini Halloween themed cookie cutters to make spooky cheese shapes. You can also use these cookie cutters to cut the center out of apple slices (or cucumber slices!) or to cut festive fruit shapes. If you have the larger sized cookie cutters, you can create spooky shapes for sandwiches, pancakes, cookies and so much more.

For the Spooky Cheese shapes, you’ll need to buy some mini Halloween cookie cutters and some blocks of your favorite cheese. My cookie cutters are really old but they came in a pack of 6 shapes and I found them at a craft store. They are the perfect size for cutting cheese shapes! For this project, I used mozzarella and sharp cheddar, but you can use any type of cheese that your kids will eat.


Begin by slicing each cheese block into 1/4 inch slices (they don’t have to be perfect!). You can use a kitchen knife and cutting board, or a cheese slicer for this task. Next determine which shapes to use for each type of cheese.  I used mozzarella for the ghosts and skeletons and cheddar for the bats and cats.


Press the cookie cutter shape into each slice. Make sure to do this on a hard surface, such as a cutting board. Once you have pressed the cutter firmly through the cheese, lift the cutter up and gently press the cheese shape out of the mold. You will want to be extra careful in the corners.


These are my cute mozzarella ghosts.


Check out how cute the cheddar cats turned out!


These are the mozzarella skeletons.


And the fun cheddar bats!


It can be really easy to make a fun and healthy treat for your little (or big) kids! I’ve even brought cheese cut-outs to grown up parties and they were a hit! It takes just a few extra minutes but makes a huge impact! Have fun making these!



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