I’m so excited about how my thankful tree turned out! You can make this in under 30 minutes and it will add a beautiful touch to your space.

When we first moved into our home, I added an antique table to the entryway that I found at Goodwill for just a few dollars. I decorated it with a large vase and branches from the Japanese maple tree in our front yard that we had just pruned. I had learned how to make crystal droplets at a crafting party earlier that year and decided to add some of these to my branches to add a bit of flair and fun to the entryway. I have loved this little space in my house so much! Sometimes it’s the littlest touches that speak loudly in your home.

Now that it’s Fall, I couldn’t wait to add a bit of Autumn touches all throughout our home. We finally finished putting in our hardwood floors downstairs and I cleaned all the dust (so much dust!!!!!). Really, I can say that I have not deep cleaned like that in a REALLY long time. But, that gave me even more motivation to start decorating. Here is the “after” of our new floors! EEK… exciting!


Since I’m totally a Pinterest addict (yes, I admit it!), I started looking there for ideas first. I saw so many great autumn leaf tutorials on there but I decided that I wanted to make my own oak leaf printable for this. I’m really excited about how these turned out and I’ve decided to make the printable available to you here. leaf-printable-image-copy This project is simple to do. I printed my oak leaf template on white cardstock paper. Then I added a fun twist to create a beautiful and warm effect. I used a small paintbrush, a glass bowl, water and DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Rich Espresso (I think any metallic fall color will work though).


I added a few drops of paint and water and mixed well. Adding water to the metallic paint will create a shimmery watercolor effect. Using my paintbrush, I painted over each leaf quickly, making sure to cover the entire leaf including the stem.


I wiped the leaf with a paper towel to remove any excess paint and then repeated this step for each leaf. You will notice that each leaf is a slightly different shade which is wonderful!


Once the leaves were dry, I cut them all out and gave a quick coat of paint to the backside of each leaf. Voila, I had all the leaves that I needed to create a beautiful thankful tree.


Using baker’s twine, I tied each leaf to the branches in my entryway and secured with a small bow.





This is a close up of the unique lamp that we added to our space. I fell in love with lamp that I found at Goodwill last year. It was really, really ugly at the time but the bones were good. Someone had created a lamp out of an old GE watt meter and it actually told you the wattage that you used when the lamp was turned on. I brought the lamp home and cleaned it thoroughly. I found the perfect new shade and finial to update this piece. Now it is a gorgeous addition to our entryway.



And of course, my handknit pumpkin found it’s perfect spot on our newly decorated table! Did I mention that I love Fall and pumpkins???!!!!


I found this beautiful “Oh, hello Fall” printable here courtesy of Thoughts From Alice and trimmed it to add to a frame that I already had. It was a perfect little touch!


I absolutely adore this little nook under the steps in our entryway!


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    Beautiful! Love your blog!!


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