I’ve been really wanting to make a rustic wooden plank now for a long time and decided that this Fall, I would tackle this project. So, I drove over to Lowes and bought a simple pine board that measured 7 1/2 inches x 48 inches x 3/4 inch. This cost less than $8 to purchase and I already had the rest of the supplies on hand.

The first thing I did was to give the board a quick sanding with 120 sandpaper to remove any rough edges. I made sure to get all the edges too to create a more “softened” look.


Next I dug out an old piece of chandelier chain that I had laying around and I started whacking the board with it. This part is so much fun!!!! The more dents, the better in this case. Your board will look great when it is finished, I promise!


Here’s what it looked like when I was finished. All of these dents will make the finished board look old and rustic!


The next step is to use a good pre-stain wood conditioner for wood. This is so important to ensure that you have a nice and even finish on your final product. I used Minwax Pre-Conditioner and applied it using gloves and a clean cloth. Simply wipe all over the board and allow to saturate for 5-15 minutes (I waited 15 minutes) and then wipe off any excess.


Once the board seems dry (I just waited a few minutes), apply the stain. For this step I used Minwax Red Mahogany 225, an oil based stain. You can only use the wood conditioner if you are using an oil based stain.


Using a clean cloth and gloves (don’t forget the gloves!!!), wipe the stain onto the edges of the board first.


Then apply the stain to the top of board, making sure to go in the direction of the grain and pressing down into each groove and dent to cover all the wood with stain.

Once I have stained the entire board and edges, I went back over the top quickly with a bit more stain to ensure an even coat. Then I allowed the board to dry for several hours.


You can add a polyurethane coat to the board when you are finished. Make sure to follow the instructions on the can of Minwax Polyurethane for proper technique and drying time.  You can use this rustic wooden plank tutorial for many different projects. I used this board to create a rustic Fall tablescape in my dining room.

Check out my finished product! I love how it turned out! Find the full post here.




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