So the silliest story…..

We got a box in the mail from Beachbody the other day and it was the new shaker cup and “golden scoop” you get for FREE for drinking your Shakeology for 365 days.

I’m in love with this shake and drink it religiously every day so as you can imagine, I’ve been waiting for this free gift to arrive. I mean, it’s been just about a year since I started on this journey.

So, the package arrived and I started jumping up and down and dancing all around the kitchen saying “it’s here, it’s here! I can’t believe my box came!”. My sweet hubby took the box from me, smiled a devious little smile and said “except this is mine!”


Bahahahaha ….. he was right! He did start before I did. I must remember how much I protested ever trying these shakes. I will not drink those, I do not like shakes, no way, no Jose! And then one day I shared one with my hubby. And the next day I made my own. And then within a week I started to feel calm in my body and I felt amazing!

Fast forward almost a year and I’m still a huge fan. I have never felt healthier and my body is so much more balanced.

I’m still waiting for my box and when it comes, I’ll dance in the kitchen again. In the meantime, I’m stealing his cup!




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